Spring Arts 2012 Caravan Burlesque

Watch the Caravan Burlesque when they come to town. Buy tickets from Wallaby Ritz or book online.

At Melliodora Hall, Mansfield Rudolf Steiner School
91 Highett Street Mansfield
Monday October 29, 7:45 for 8pm

Caravan Burlesque Was A Highlight Of Spring Arts 2012

The globally acclaimed salon of seductive, subversive, and electrifying acts is HERE!

From multi-award winning Finucane & Smith, creators of global smash hit The Burlesque Hour, comes a travelling emporium that fuses Parisian nightclub with jaw-dropping cabaret and seductive spectacle, tipping a velvet wink to Australia’s wild past of touring vaudeville & variety. Step into this sumptuous salon and be swept away by intoxicating Ethiopian dance and razor sharp wit, sultry songs & underdressed sirens, whip-cracking dames, Bollywood lovegods, sizzling jazz moves, backroom ballet and gothic divas.

Packed to the rafters with international stars, with critics raving and 70,000 audience members worldwide in raptures, Finucane & Smith’s road-train of the risqué will sashay into town bringing a night to rival the Nullarbor: hot hot hot and full of stars!