By - Arts Mansfield

Spring Arts 2012 Caravan Burlesque

At Melliodora Hall, Mansfield Rudolf Steiner School
91 Highett Street Mansfield
Monday October 29, 7:45 for 8pm

Caravan Burlesque Was A Highlight Of Spring Arts 2012

The globally acclaimed salon of seductive, subversive, and electrifying acts is HERE!

From multi-award winning Finucane & Smith, creators of global smash hit The Burlesque Hour, comes a travelling emporium that fuses Parisian nightclub with jaw-dropping cabaret and seductive spectacle, tipping a velvet wink to Australia’s wild past of touring vaudeville & variety. Step into this sumptuous salon and be swept away by intoxicating Ethiopian dance and razor sharp wit, sultry songs & underdressed sirens, whip-cracking dames, Bollywood lovegods, sizzling jazz moves, backroom ballet and gothic divas.

Packed to the rafters with international stars, with critics raving and 70,000 audience members worldwide in raptures, Finucane & Smith’s road-train of the risqué will sashay into town bringing a night to rival the Nullarbor: hot hot hot and full of stars!