The Arts Council of Mansfield

The Arts Council of Mansfield aims to develop, foster, maintain and provide programs and facilities in Mansfield and district for all types of artistic expression in the study and appreciation of the Arts in all its forms – visual art, sculpture, dance, theatre, music performance and, now, glass art.

Through its many offerings, the Arts Council of Mansfield de-mystified the Arts. No longer threatened by the notion that ‘art’ is for an elite section of our community, individuals, families, groups and local businesses have come to support the Council’s events through participation and sponsorship.


The Arts Council of Mansfield initiated the Mt. Buller Easter Arts Walk, in 1997, when four Mt. Buller Village venues showcased the work of Mansfield artists. Each exhibition was opened with much pomp and fanfare, local wines and exquisite food then visitors made their way around the village with excited anticipation. The Walk culminated in an auction at the final venue.

The Easter Arts Walk continued for the following three years, at which stage the Arts Council decided to bring the event back to Mansfield to create greater exposure for the artists and provide improved access for a larger audience during Mansfield’s High Country Festival in October-November each year. Thereafter, the Easter Arts Walk became the Spring Arts Walk.

In 2001 the Spring Arts Walk found a home in a variety of exhibition spaces in the main street of the town. The walls of the Mansfield Hotel and many cafes and restaurants highlighted the talents of our local artists for an enlightened audience. In the true flavour of the Arts in its broadest sense, actors and musicians enriched opening nights with amusing performances and delightful music.

Over the years the Spring Arts Walk has undergone several changes in an effort to expand on the nature of the venues and accommodate the needs of a more diverse group of artists. Church halls, gardens, artist’s studios and outlying wineries have all provided exciting and often challenging spaces for the artists to display their work.

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