2018 Klytie Pate Award

2018 Klytie Pate Award winner

Midnight Sun, Fiskars by Janetta Kerr-Grant

Janetta Kerr-Grant - Midnight Sun, Fiskars

Midnight Sun, Fiskars by Janetta Kerr-Grant. Winner of the 2018 Klytie Pate Ceramics Award.

Artist statement

This pair of handbuilt porcelain vessels arises from a residency I undertook at Fiskars, an artists collective village deep in the forests of Finland. I spent time observing and documenting the nearby rocks, grasses and trees as my way of coming to terms with unfamiliar surroundings. Pattern, texture, shadows and silhouettes informs these vessels.

2018 Mark Brabham Award for an Emerging Artist

First Date by Narumi Ii

Narumi Ii - First Date

First Date by Narumi Ii. Winner of the Klytie Pate Mark Brabham Award for an Emerging Artist in 2018

Artist statement

As a Japanese, I had grown up with a pond with beautiful and lively Koi fish nearby. With this plate, I wanted to create a scene of their life, a romantic first date of this Koi couple. Each scale of the fish and all the elements including leaves were made with coloured porcelain and laid out by hand myself.

2018 People’s Choice  award

Sponsored by Without Pier Gallery

Rest – by Tania Vrancic

Tania Vrancic - Rest

Rest by Tania Vrancic. Winner of the 2018 Klytie Pate People’s Choice Award.

Artist statement

Creating art is often a journey of self-discovery.  I tend to make intuitively with the subtle meaning behind my work unfolding over time.  My current work Rest is reminiscent of mossy, lichen covered rocks and trees found here in Australia and my childhood home, Finland.  I enjoy the challenge of working with porcelain and its translucency.

2018 finalists

The 2018 award attracted 18 entrants, with a total of 31 pieces that were on display in Mansfield from 7 to 14 March. Artists are listed here in alphabetical order of surname.

View the 2018 catalogue of works.

Aleisa Byfield @aleisabyfield.artisan
Laura Dortmans @sweetsimpleceramics
Jenny Gibney @artistjennifergibney
Lee Goller @gollerlee
Narumi Ii @narumi_ceramics
Wendy Jagger @wendy_jagger
Janetta Kerr-Grant @janettakerrgrant
Montessa Maack @momaackceramics
Betty Mitlan
Shelley Oldham @princess_shelley_oldham
Dianne Peach @di.peach
Julie Pennington @juliepenningtonceramics
Robyn Phelan @robynphelan
Kirsten Perry @kirstenpp
Bill Powell
Natalie Rosin @natrosin
Sarah Tracton @sarahtracton
Tania Vrancic @tania_vrancic_artist