Bushy Tales 2020 Arts Mansfield Literary Event

Arts Mansfield’s popular Bushy Tales Writing Awards is coming up again soon.

Entries are invited now for short stories up to 2500 words, and Poetry up to 25 verses on the new loosely defined topic EARTH, WIND AND FIRE…. OR COVID.

Writers are welcome to thread elements of the topic into their story in any way they like – obliquely, barely, or intensely. They may refer to fires past, earth or wind in any of their forms, or Covid in any of myriad ways.

Everyone has a wonderful story to tell about something and the judges are looking forward to yours.

For your share in the $150 first prize  and $75 runner up prize for each category you’ll need to get an entry form downloaded from our website here  or collected from the Mansfield Library, Ink Bookstore, The Produce Store or Vintage Traders Emporium.

Arts Mansfield need your entries close midnight Friday October 16.

You can send your entries digitally direct (and any queries will be welcome) to kammycordner123@dodo.com.au.

For those who prefer pen and paper, hard copies may be left at Vintage Traders Emporium or The Produce Store.  Just remember to make sure your name isn’t on the story or poem itself, as judging is anonymous.

Presentation and Reading Night (Covid permitting!) is Thursday, November 12 at 6:30 pm.          More details will be advised once the event is confirmed.

To discuss please contact Kammy Cordner Hunt on 0409 799 795.

So get scribbling!