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Spring Arts 2014 Program

The Arts Council of Mansfield Inc is proud to present its Spring Arts 2014 program of events in the



Studio Drive – Arts Trail Option 1

Mansfield – The Mill Inn – Amongst the Sticks Restaurant – Studio KanderField
Or visit any of the venues individually

Studio Drive – Arts Trail Option 1

The Mill Inn Restaurant
1 Alpine Ridge Dr, Merrijig
Artist: Antony Gannon

Amongst The Sticks Restaurant
Lot 12 Bayside Blvd, Goughs Bay
Artist: Joanna Thomas

Studio KanderField
36 Dundas Court, Mansfield
Artist: Wendy Jagger

Studio Drive – Arts Trail Option 2

Mansfield – Margaret Purcell – Killara Studio – Bonnie Bar
Or visit any of the venues individually

Studio Drive – Arts Trail Option 2

Margaret Purcell Studio
Lot 2, 13 Cummins Rd, Howes Creek
Artist: Margaret Purcell

Killara Studio
850 Glen Creek Rd, Bonnie Doon
Artist: Pam Moore

The Bonnie Bar
2 Phillip St, Bonnie Doon
Artist: Ken Martin

15 August 2014 – closing date for Expressions of Interest from Artists wishing to participate in the Spring Arts 2014 Café Exhibitions

22 August 2014 – closing date for Mansfield Art Glass Exposition

3 October 2014 – closing date for Entries to Visual Art Open Competition and Median to Rare Sculpture Prize

24 October 2014 – Spring Arts 2014 opening night Art Walk

25 October 2014 – Spring Arts 2014 Arts and Crafts Village Market

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Spring Arts 2014 Event Schedule

Friday, 24 October

Spring Arts Romp
4:30pm – 5:00pm
Meet at Orange Safari
Finishes at the Carnival Side Show on High St median strip

Join us for the inaugural Spring Arts Romp, a fun filled family oriented arts walk that will lead families through a child’s view of Mansfield’s public art installations ending at the Carnival Side Show just in time for the main act.

Spring Arts and High Country Festival Opening
6:00pm – 6:30pm
Delatite Hotel

Everyone is invited to attend the official opening reception for the High Country Festival and Spring Arts event. Come along and celebrate the opening of the festival, view the Mansfield and District Community Bank Visual Arts Open competition exhibition and get ready for an exciting 12 days of arts, music, dancing, picnics, races, fairs and markets.

Spring Arts Walk
6:30pm – 8:00pm
Delatite Hotel

The perennial favourite event of the Spring Arts festival, the now famous Spring Arts Walk will spring to life from the Delatite Hotel after the official ceremonies have concluded and the winner of the Mansfield and District Community Bank Visual Arts Open competition has been announced. Guests will be guided through the many participating cafes and retail venues in town, all of which have been transformed in to pop up galleries for the event. Look forward to seeing works by artists such as Ralph Bristow, Billie Leatham and Emma McPherson, just to name a few, exhibiting their works in venues such as The Produce Store, The Deck on High and The Mansfield Coffee Merchant. Pick up a Spring Arts Walk map for the full list of participating artists and venues. Get ready to enjoy a night of exhibitions, food, wine, festivities and activities, wonderful and memorable evening for all.

Saturday, 25 October

Village Art Fair and Makers Market
9:30am – 2:00pm
High Street Median Strip

Join us for a day full of lively activities for the entire family at the Arts Council of Mansfield’s Village Art Fair and Makers Market. Located on the median strip in High Street, we will have loads of children’s art based activities, a sculpture garden, bush poets, colourful entertainers and a wonderful array of artists and artisans demonstrating their craft and selling their artwork. This is a great day for the whole family.

Saturday, 25 October – Tuesday, 04 November inclusive

Café Exhibitions
All day
Participating venues, refer to Spring Arts Map

Sunday, 26 October

Ken Martin @ The Bonnie Bar
From 2:00pm
Opening of art exhibition by Ken Martin
Followed by live music by the Strapons & Friends

Tuesday, 28 October

Bushy Tales, Poetry & Prose
From 6:00pm – 9:00pm
The Deck on High

This year sees the introduction of a new literary event, the inaugural Spring Arts literary award, the Mansfield and District Bushy Tales, Poetry and Prose literary competition. Join us for an evening of poetry and prose recital as we enjoy a reading of works by the finalists in the competition. The winners of the competition will be announced and a booklet containing the works of the finalists will be available to purchase.

Thursday, 30 October

Writers Event
5:30pm – 7:30pm
Orange Safari

Join us for an informative writers event.

Saturday, 01 November

Median to Rare Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
9:00am – 4:00pm
3:30pm Winners Announced

This unique one-day only, pop-up sculpture event will be held on the median strip opposite the post office. As the name suggests, anything goes and anyone can participate. Exhibition visitors are likely to see a myriad of wonderful exhibits as entrants are invited to explore as many ideas as possible – wrap a tree, Sound Sculpture, Puppets, Sticks and Stones, Wonderful Wood, Marvellous Metal, Courageous Clay, Wicked Wire, Mixed Media and more.

You get to be the judge as judging for this event is by public ballot, you choose your favourite exhibit and vote for them. We encourage you to come along and enjoy this unique event.

Saturday, 01 November and Sunday, 02 November

Spring Arts Studio Drive
10:30am – 4:30pm
Self drive, refer to map for locations

Enjoy our self-drive Arts Trail around the beautiful High Country area and visit the open studios of several of our local artists. View their artwork and take the opportunity to speak with the artists as you enjoy the surroundings of their inspired studios. Take our suggested route and end your Arts Trail at the Bonnie Bar in Bonnie Doon or Amongst the Sticks in Goughs Bay. Enjoy lunch or a snack whilst viewing their Spring Arts exhibition.

Suggested Arts Trail Route includes the following stops:

Studio KanderField – Wendy Jagger
36 Dundas Court, Mansfield

Margaret Purcell
Lot 2, 13 Cummins Road, Howes Creek

Killara Studio – Pamela Moore
Glen Creek Road, Bonnie Doon

Bonnie Bar
2 Phillip Street, Bonnie Doon

Amongst The Sticks
Lot 12 Bayside Blvd, Goughs Bay

The Mill Inn
1 Alpine Ridge Dr, Merrijig