By - Miriam Zolin

Ralph Bristow @ The Produce Store

In a joint exhibition with Nicky Sanders, local abstract artist Ralph Bristow is showing works at Mansfield’s famous Produce Store. Pop in for a coffee, breakfast or lunch and admire the art. 

Artist statement for Ralph Bristow – painter

I live in North East Regional Victoria and work in a purpose built studio overlooking the Broken River. My paintings are multidimensional. Arranged in a form of mindful collage combined with complex colour combinations as well as monochromatic palates. Paint is applied spontaneously, dancing with paint and brush, synchronising hand and eye with the present moment, streaming consciousness into the work. Each painting is a journey driven by creativity, moving until I find the moment of resolution where it is decided upon to leave the work to rest and live. Each painting goes through a process of layering with ideas, visual concepts, where the painting can be obliterated by painting over and finding a new story with parts of the original story still present in forms of glimpses. I am continually trying to find truth, freedom, a sense of history, a narrative within each painting in what I’m expressing and articulating through the medium.

I am inspired by my experiences of the spirit, place, intimacy, science, landscape, paint, colour and present consciousness.