Nicky Sanders @ The Produce Store

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Nicky Sanders @ The Produce Store

Exhibiting at the Produce Store with Ralph Bristow, Nicky’s vision of light and urban landscape are a great counterpoint to the natural beauty of our region, finding asking questions about development and the human impact on our planet. 

Visit The Mansfield Regional Produce Store at 68 High Street, Mansfield to see these photos.

Nicky Sanders Artist Statement

I am attempting to reconcile within myself, what we, as human beings, do to the earth. Our obliteration of the natural world, our arrogance at doing so and the fantastical landscapes we create.

My work is concerned with studying the beauty in the abstract forms found in industrial and man made landscapes. The duality of form and function, of light and colour. How these elements work to create mood, evoke feelings & celebrate light and slowly reveal the true nature of the subject.