Matt Currie loves SALA

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Matt Currie loves SALA

Matt-CurrieRecently we spoke to Matt Currie of the Mansfield & District Community Bank about the bank’s ongoing generous support of Arts Council Mansfield’s Spring Arts festival. This year, the bank has supported a range of our activities and with the SALA Short Story Prize and MAD Tales event coming up on Thursday this week (upstairs at Bos Taurus at 7:00 pm) we asked Matt why he thinks the arts are important in our town.

Matt: I think art is so important to our community because of its power to draw people in. The Spring Arts is such a well attended festival that really adds to the vibrancy of Mansfield & District. It also allows people to express themselves. People who may think that they aren’t listened to, or don’t have anything to say can find their voice through art.

Do you have a favourite type of art? e.g. visuals, music, literature, dance, performance…?
I wouldn’t really class myself as an arty type of person. I’m one of those people that know what they like when they see it. If I had to choose my favourite type of art it would be literature. I love to read. I read pretty much anything. I much prefer to read a physical book rather than read on the iPad or Kindle. I think you lose the romance of it. I love the smell and feel of a book. I think literature has the power to transport the reader into other worlds and lives.

What’s your involvement with the arts?
Through my work I have attended a few different events throughout the Spring Arts. The 3 Faces competition last year was an amazing event. Any one of the finalists could have won. The glass art exhibition at Martins Garage was a real eye opener. There are some really talented people out there.

What are you most looking forward to at Spring Arts this year?
I’m really looking forward to reading the stories in the SALA Short Story Competition and attending the event on 29 October. I really love a good story and am looking forward to seeing what the people of Mansfield & District can come up with.

At last year’s Bushy Tales event, I really enjoyed listening to the authors read their work. It added another element. It gave you a better understanding of the meaning and emotion behind their work. It was a fantastic night.

And I’m also planning on having a look at the MAGE Glass Art again this year.

Thanks Matt!


Please join us upstairs at Bos Taurus on Thursday 29th October

Arrive 6:30 for a 7:00 pm start

Prizes, readings and celebration of the literary.