MAGE Award Winners 2015

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MAGE Award Winners 2015

MAGE 2015 was once again a huge success, with hundreds of visitors attending Martins Garage to view the exhibition of exciting and often exquisite art glass.

Award winners in 2015 are listed below

Architectural Award 2015

Gone but not forgotten by Janine Tanzer

Winner Architectural Glass Award MAGE 2015 | Gone but not forgotten by Janine Tanzer

Artist: Janine Tanzer 

Title: Gone but not forgotten

Artist statement: Two teenage girls return to a garden where they played as young children. Dead leaves cover objects and memories like a tomb whose continents can be reanimated by the mere recollection of them. As viewers, we become part of the memories, looking out at the girls as they look in at us, enabling us to share glimpses of their pasts. 

In Gone but not forgotten, I have used skills acquired over 35 years as an artist to explain and complement the narrative. These include glass painting and fusing, clique-a-jour, metal piercing, riveting and repousse.

Studio Glass Award 2015

Studio Glass Award 2015 | North Sea Skin by Catherine Aldrette Morris

Winner Studio Glass Award MAGE 2015 | North Sea Skin by Catherine Aldrette Morris

Artist: Catherine Aldrette Morris

Title: North Sea Skin 

Artist statement: The waters surrounding the Orkney Islands illustrate the phenomenal merging characteristics of the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean, caused by varying depths and movement that awaken lively patterns. 

This work is a fusion of colourful murine that endure the kiln three times – fusing bars, refusing the pattern and slumping. The skin is achieved by cutting each individual quality by lathe. 

Kirra Emerging Artist Award 2015

Optical Landscape Forest by Nicole Ayliffe

Joint winner MAGE 2015 Kirra Galleries Emerging Artist Award | Optical Landscape Forest by Nicole Ayliffe

Artist: Nicole Ayliffe (Joint winner)

Title: Optical Landscape Forest

Artist statement: Using hot glass, I have been creating forms that explore the ideas of optics and space. The thickness of the form gives the illusion of space, and alludes to the idea of an optical lens.

The ability of glass to work together with light enhances the photographic image, which can be viewed through the glass form. 

Artist: Sharon Harrison (Joint winner)

Joint winner 2015 Kirra Galleries Emerging Artist Award | Out on a limb by Sharon Harrison

Joint winner MAGE 2015 Kirra Galleries Emerging Artist Award | Out on a limb by Sharon Harrison

Title: Out on a Limb

Artist statement: With a background in ceramics, I have always been drawn to a medium that offers fluidity and diversity in its potential for creativity. Once introduced to kiln forming, I was enamoured with the intrinsic beauty of glass and the enormous scope for artistic expression that the many techniques of hot forming and cold working offered. I am very keen to develop my skills further and continue exploring kiln formed glass in its many guises. 

Out on a limb – that place you go to when you attempt something new. It elicits feelings of uncertainty and apprehension, not knowing if the risk is worth taking. This piece is part of a new body of work experimenting with multiple layers of fused glass – each fused separately with cut and embossed copper inclusions and finished with coldworked edges (fused glass, wood frame)

Jewellery Award 2015

Levels by Cindy Poole

Winner MAGE 2015 Jewellery Prize | Levels by Cindy Poole

Artist: Cindy Poole

Title: Levels

This piece has been designed to take the levels of engagement that jewellery elicits to to another level… I have incorporated various levels of glass height and used colour and shape to incorporate patterns that change depending on the viewer’s focus at any given time. Designed to draw the viewer towards the wearer and establish a connection … isn’t that why we wear it?

I have incorporated stainless steel cable into the actual firing of the layered glass elements and used it to link the individual elements structurally into the one united piece.