By - Miriam Zolin

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FOAP Mansfield Festival Of One Act Plays

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Arts Mansfield has been hosting a Festival of One Act Plays since 2015. Theatre groups from all over Victoria, and even southern NSW, put together a small and transportable act to tour the regions and perform for prizes and expert feedback in Victoria’s age-old tradition of a One Act Play season.

These festivals keep thespians fit-for-task during their stage off-season, and help develop new talent.

And more importantly for us the audience, the festival is heaps of fun!

Having them come to Mansfield to perform – all weekend, with up to 20 different short plays from diverse groups – brings a smorgasbord of theatre right to our doorstep.

Keep the weekend free to be part of the appreciative audience! (Sat and Sun 10 and 11 August 2019). Maybe have people up for the weekend to join us, too.

Or better still, talk to Colin Rochford or Kammy Cordner Hunt of Arts Mansfield about how to get your own short play organised so you can be in on the act!

VIDF Victorian Interschools Drama Festival

Arts Mansfield pioneered this new form of Interschools endeavour, and it is starting to build momentum. The date is set for Friday 30 August, and promises to be a spectacular display of youthful enthusiasm and energy! More and more schools are putting this date into the drama curriculum, and Mansfield is becoming the mecca for schools who value their drama programs, and the way these can benefit young people in developing important skills and self-esteem.

If you know anyone involved in school drama, please spread the word.

Who to contact

FOAP – Colin Rochford or 0414 282 647

FOAP and VIDF – Kammy Cordner Hunt or 0409 799 795